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Lange Productions On March - 7 - 2012

There are very few programs for deaf and hearing-impaired community in United States and we are proud to present our medical video contribution.

Lange Productions has delivered another unique medical video production for Susan G. Komen Foundation entitled Breast Cancer: Your Guide to Breast Self-Awareness, this time narrated in American Sign Language as well. Director Vladimir Lange made the entire medical video production experience quite pleasant so we had a nice opportunity to interview actress Deanne Bray-Kotsur, star of multiple TV series, including Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye.

Deanne Bray-Kotsur, actress

“We are grateful to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization, and for their efforts to being quality medical education to the underserved segments of society.”, actress Deanne Bray-Kotsur said.

You can find this medical video on the official Susan G. Komen website as well. Please take a look at other patient education medical video productions signed by Lange Productions.

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