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Lange Productions will create computer medical animation, medical illustrations and medical graphics. Many medical device and health care communication companies as well as pharmaceutical companies realize it is necessary to create scientific 3D medical animations to truly showcase their products. The animations or illustrations need to be medically accurate, but clear and affordable. Our variety of medical simulations include: 3D models medical simulation, 2D medical illustrations, graphic design. All are created in-house under the supervision of Dr. Lange, so you do not need to deal with different vendors. The visual elements are then coordinated with custom script writing and then a professional voice over to create a complete medical multimedia package.

Three-dimensional medical animations are becoming the standard for medical training, medical education as well as for simulations and promotion. Marketing managers from biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies realize that high quality 3D visualization is an imperative in today’s competitive markets. Animated medical graphics, 3D animations, or simple illustrations are often the most effective way to explain a difficult medical concept or illustrate a product or an anatomical structure.

Located in Hollywood, California, Lange Productions is able to enlist the illustration and animation services of some of the best graphic artists, at “between movie projects” rates. In other words, you will enjoy animated-feature-film quality at rock-bottom rates.

When a complex 3D animation of your medical device is required, we will work with your medical project manager to create a storyboard of the animation. Our graphic artists will then develop “wireframe” renderings of the objects for your initial approval. The next step will be adding the “skin” to the object to confirm that it accurately represents your device. The animation will be then simulated with key frames. The last step will be a full animation in low resolution. Once you approve the piece, it will be rendered in high-resolution, full-color, splendor to enlighten and enliven your audience.

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