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Medical video production, like medicine itself, is a science and an art. As a science, medical videos, or medical multimedia communications in general, must be precise and concise. You must communicate your message in as few words as possible, yet make the message clear and memorable. Your audiences are healthcare professionals who have little time for listening, and no patience for ambiguity.

Vladimir Lange, MD

Vladimir Lange, MD

Our producer-director is a physician

Lange Productions knows how to meet your needs. Our producer-director, Harvard-trained physician Dr. Vladimir Lange, has a combined total of 30 years of clinical experience and production expertise. He understands the concepts you are trying to communicate. He knows the mindset and vocabulary of your audience—his colleagues. This medical experience offers you unique advantages: it saves you time and money by flattening the learning curve; and it ensures that the final product achieves your goals with maximum efficiency.

Medical communications that are informative and interesting

Medical multimedia communications are also an art. Your medical audiences are, like all of us, jaded by an endless assault of advertisements. Your message must be able to compete with multi-million dollar commercials for cars and soft drinks and cosmetics. In other words, your medical communications must be not only informative, but also fast-paced, interesting, and engaging.

Hollywood quality at affordable prices

Lange Productions is based in Hollywood, California—the epicenter of the entertainment community. Our videographers, editors, graphic designers, actors and production crew strive to deliver the highest production values, and the most memorable visuals so that your program will be enjoyed, appreciated, and remembered.

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Lange Productions specializes in creating multimedia exclusively for the healthcare industry.

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