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Medical Video Production Awards earned by Lange Productions

Lange Productions medical videos have been honored with over one hundred national and international medical video production awards. The awards have been given in recognition of the educational value and artistic excellence of our work.

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Our medical video production awards include 20 Telly Awards, the “Oscars” of industrial films. Twelve CINDY Awards. Six CINE Golden Eagles. And the coveted FREDDIE Award given by International Health and Medical Media Awards.

In addition to these medical video production awards, Dr. Vladimir Lange has achieved a unique standard of recognition.  He was the principal writer for a major interactive website on breast cancer sponsored by the US Department of Defense. The website was so innovative at the time, that it was placed on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institute.

How do we measure our true success in the highly competitive medical multimedia production world?  No award is as important to us as the knowledge that at the end of the production process we have achieved your goal.  It does not matter how generous your budget is.  It does not matter how large the video production crew is.  It is the end result that counts.  When a small crowd gathers around your exhibit booth to watch your video presentation, we win.  When your audience understands your message, and calls you to place an order… that is the highest award we can receive.

We have produced projects to meet a variety of medical communication needs. They include patient education programs, CME programs for physicians, instructional pieces to help users become familiar with a newly-purchased device, flashy big-screen presentations to build trade show traffic, striking segments for the web, and countless others.  We encourage you to reach out to our current and former clients to find out first-hand what the Lange Productions experience can mean for you and your business success.

Call Lange Productions.  We want to put an award on your desk.

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