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We offer you award-winning patient education materials that greatly enhance your patient encounter experience. All our patient education materials are created by healthcare providers for healthcare providers.

Lange Productions sets the standard for accuracy and reliability to save you time and increase patient satisfaction. Our patient education materials empower your patients to take an active role in their care. The result is better outcomes.

Lange Productions patient education materials—in print, on DVDs or on your website—are written for optimal understanding at all literacy levels.  They are illustrated with beautiful graphics and enhanced by candid patient testimonials.

The programs are always created in collaboration with leading experts across the country, and represent a balanced presentation of the highest standards of care.

patient education materials

Patient Education Materials by Lange Productions

The flagship of our patient education materials is the Be a Survivor ™ series of books and videos.  The series targets patients newly-diagnosed with breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer or colorectal cancer.  The content is evidence-based, continuously peer-reviewed, and consistent with health literacy standards.

The books are written in consultation with dozens of medical and surgical thought-leaders from across the country, and offer an empowering and balanced perspective that helps patients and their families navigate through treatment and recovery. The books can be customized with your facility’s logo. Quantity discounts, and discounts for hospital systems are available.

We have converted the content of several of the Be a Survivor books to online presence. This material can be licensed to appear on your facility’s website.  For an even greater impact, we can personalize the content with interviews with your own physicians, nurses and patients.  This taylor made website will yield maximum new patient recruitment.  And because the text and graphics already exist, the work can be done for a fraction of the cost of a website build from scratch.

Contact us to find out how your facility can take advantage of the promotional and educational value of a custom-built Be a Survivor ™ website.

Call us 714-389-5532 for the most current information on videos on the following topics. BREAST HEALTH. BREAST SELF EXAM. RADIATION THERAPY. CHEMOTHERAPY. ONCOPLASTIC SURGERY and many others.

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