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You may be a seasoned marketing expert for a medical Fortune 500 company. Or you may be a multi-tasker for an under-funded start-up, told to produce a marketing video on a short deadline. In either case, the Lange Productions multimedia team will be your best ally. Creating medical multimedia communications that meet your needs should not be a painful process. “We do it under local,” jokes our producer-director Dr. Vladimir Lange.It won’t hurt a bit.

medical multimedia production

Medical multimedia is Lange Productions specialty

Client satisfaction with medical multimedia communications

After 25 years of serving the medical multimedia communications needs of the healthcare industry, we know how to make the production process painless for our clients. As a physician, Dr. Lange understands the medical concepts you want to convey. As the principal writer on our team, he can create a script that communicates your message clearly. And as the president of a small, streamlined, video production company, he understands that our continued success depends on your satisfaction.

Your project, no matter how large or small, will receive personalized, boutique-style treatment. You will deal directly with a principal at Lange Productions, from concept to completion. You will not need to coordinate different vendors for writing, for graphics, or for editing. “That is my obligation to you,” says producer-director Vladimir Lange. He will be involved in script writing, video shoot directing, and final edit supervision. He will personally interact with your Project Manager at all stages of production and post-production.

Affordable multimedia production budgets

As an experienced, specialized, yet small and streamlined video production company, we can confidently say that we will give you the highest production value for the lowest price. Our philosophy makes us unique. “It is my responsibility to anticipate the pitfalls and give the client an exact quote, and stick to it,” says Dr. Lange. Unlike many production companies, we do not believe in underbidding then increasing the budget when challenges appear. “I owe my client the peace of mind that there will be no budget creep.

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