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Medical video productions and healthcare communications are our specialty

Lange Productions is a full-service medical video production and medical multimedia authoring company. We can take your project from concept to completion, including script writing, videography, animated graphics, website adaptation, translation into other languages, duplication, packaging and drop-shipping.

Medical video production, HIPAA and sterile environments

Medical video production under HIPAA rules can be a very sensitive endeavor. Our production team is as comfortable in your board room as in an operating room or a neonatal ICU. Our producer-director, Dr. Vladimir Lange, has spent thousands of hours in sterile environments and sensitive clinical situations. He has worked as a surgical resident, as an emergency physician, and as a medical video producer. Our teams know how to behave in operating rooms without creating an adverse impact on the environment

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Interviewing physicians and patients

Interviewing physicians to obtain just the right balance of spontaneity and clarity is an art form. Dr. Lange has perfected this art over years of interacting with his colleagues. A doctor-to-doctor casual discussion will yield an explanation or a product endorsement that is far more genuine and powerful than what a lay interviewer can elicit from pre-written questions.

Interviewing patients is a sensitive endeavor that requires knowledge of the patient’s condition, and empathy with the patient’s experience. As an experienced clinician, and husband of a cancer survivor, Dr. Vladimir Lange knows how to encourage a patient to make candid statements that will help your patient audience.

Medical multimedia in any format

We can produce all types of healthcare information: patient education videos, complex interactive CME programs, event coverage, or dazzling promotional pieces. We can create for the big screen, for your tradeshow, or for your website.

Best of all, our experience enables us to deliver outstanding results even if your budget is limited. We can proudly assure you that your project will be completed on time and on budget.

To see additional samples of our work play some of our videos on our You Tube channel. You may also visit our social network to stay up to date with our recent work. For your convenience we made a Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn pages.

Contact us so we can show you how we can serve your medical video production and your medical communication needs.

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