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Thank You for your interest inĀ our medical multimedia communications, to contact Lange Productions please use our mailing address, phone numbers or an e-mail.
Lange Productions knows how to meet your needs. We believe medical multimedia communications are an art. Lange Productions understands the concepts you are trying to communicate since our producer-director is a Harvard-trained physician. Dr. Vladimir Lange knows the mindset and vocabulary of your audience which is an unique advantage. We will make the final product achieves your goals with maximum efficiency.
We can produce all types of healthcare information: patient education videos, complex interactive CME programs, event coverage, or dazzling promotional pieces. For the big screen, for your tradeshow, or for your website.
Play some of our videos on Vimeo or visit our You Tube channel. You can also visit our social network to stay up to date with our recent work. For your convenience we made a Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn pages. Don’t hesitate to like us, 1’d or be a part of our social network.
Contact Lange Productions as we are a full-service medical video production and medical multimedia authoring company.

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